Types of Garage Doors

When you need to get a garage door repaired, you will need to know what type of door you have. There are several different types of garage doors. You can find many different styles of doors.

A sectional door is made up of panels that are connected together by hinges. This type of door is usually found in older homes or older buildings.

An overhead door is similar to a sectional door except it is hinged on top and the panels are connected together by tracks. These types of doors are more expensive than sectional doors but they are much stronger.

A rolling door is also similar to a sectional door. It is made up of panels that roll up like a window shade.

A folding door is similar to a rolling door except it folds in half. It is often used in garages because it allows for more storage space.

A sliding door is very similar to a folding door. The only difference is that it slides on tracks instead of folding.

There are many different brands and types of doors. Some are made from wood, some are made from steel, and some are made from plastic. The type of door you have depends on the size of your garage.

If you have a large garage, you may want to consider replacing your current door with an overhead door or a sliding door. If you have a small garage, you should probably consider a folding door or a rolling door.

You can buy a new door at most home improvement stores. You can also purchase them online. Make sure you know the measurements of your garage before you go shopping. You may also need to know the weight of your door so you know how much it will cost.

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