How to Repair Your Garage Door

In this article I will explain how to repair your garage door. If you have ever been in need of a garage door repair, then you know how frustrating it can be to try and fix something that you know needs fixing. The most common problem with garage doors is the springs. They tend to break down over time and cause problems with the door opening and closing. This can be especially frustrating if you are trying to get something into or out of your garage. You can easily take care of the problem yourself and save a lot of money by doing so. Here are some tips for DIY garage door repair.

First, make sure that you have the proper tools. You need to have a screw driver, a pair of pliers, a wrench, and a set of long nails. You also need to have some duct tape, a hammer, and a pair of wire cutters. Make sure that you have a ladder or stool to reach the top of the door.

You should start by removing the old door from the tracks. You may have to use a pry bar to remove it. Once you have removed the old door, you will want to replace it with the new one. You will need to check the hinges for damage. You can use the hammer to knock off any screws that are loose.

Once you have checked the hinges, you can remove the pins from the bottom of the door. These pins hold the door in place. Once you have removed these pins, you can slide the door back into the tracks. Now that you have replaced the door, you can test it to make sure that it works properly. If it does not work, you will need to have it repaired.

If you do not feel comfortable making repairs to your own garage door, you can call a professional garage door repair company to help you. Most companies offer 24 hour service so you can call them at any time.

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