Garage Door Repair – Maintenance Tips

In order to maintain your garage door, you will need to do some simple maintenance. There are many different types of garage doors and each one requires different maintenance. The most common type of garage door is the sectional door. These types of doors can be broken down into three basic sections. The top, middle, and bottom sections are made up of two or more panels that slide up and down in order to open and close the door. Each section is controlled by a motor that operates a series of cables that connect the various sections together. The top section is the only section that has to be maintained. The top section contains the door opener, which is usually located on the right side of the door.

The most common problems with the top section of the door are broken cables, worn out rollers, and loose connections. The cable that operates the top section should always be checked for wear and tear. If the cable breaks, it can cause the entire door to fall apart. It is important to have the cable repaired as soon as possible. The roller on the top section should also be checked for wear and tear and should be replaced if necessary. The rollers on the top section help to keep the door from falling off its tracks.

The middle section of the door is usually not a problem. This section is used to hold the door in place and keep it from swinging. This section does not require any special maintenance. The bottom section is the section of the door that requires the most attention. This section is used to raise and lower the door. If this section is not maintained properly, it can break down and cause the door to fall apart. This section of the door can also be damaged by ice and snow. If you have a sectional door with a bottom section that has broken down, you may want to consider having it repaired by a professional.

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